H2020 – S4AllCities

The project S4AllCities (Smart Spaces Safety and Security for All Cities) was launched in September 2020. It focuses on systems ensuring the safety and protection of city dwellers. Smart cities have the main responsibility for ensuring a secure physical and digital ecosystem that supports cohesion and sustainable urban development for the benefit of EU citizens. S4AllCities integrates advanced technologies and organizational solutions in a market-oriented unified framework of Cyber ​​- Physical Security Management, aimed at increasing the level of resilience of urban infrastructures, services, ICT systems, IoT and promoting information sharing and awareness among stakeholders in urban agglomerations. Three pilot cases involving a total of 5 cities in 4 countries (Spain, Romania, Czech Republic, Greece) will enable the S4ALLCITIES System of Systems to deploy and validate its intelligent components and functions in a real environment, ensure the delivery of solutions and services in line with new smart city requirements, aimed at: managing the security of open risk areas; cyber security; monitoring of suspicious activities and behavior; identification of objects without supervision; real-time estimation of cyber-physical risks in multiple locations and measurement of activation for effective crisis management.

S4AllCities will use the presence of TPEB ČR, a unique non-profit entity of public and private partnership in the Czech Republic, which focuses on the protection of critical infrastructure, in strengthening cooperation between the public and private sectors in the field of public space protection. TPEB will organize one of the 3 events that the project will lead, focusing precisely on strengthening cooperation between public and private entities. TPEB ČR, in participating in the project, benefits significantly by gradually focusing on a broader area of ​​critical infrastructure in addition to energy and will develop its position in the field of standardization, serving as a gateway for the Czech standardization bodies.

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The mission of TPEB CR is to establish scientific-research and industrial platform, aim of which is to support activities relating to research, development and introduction of new technologies ensuring protection of critical infrastructure in areas of energy industry and cybernetic.
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