24. 11. 2021

TPEB CR has entered into three newly submitted projects H2020


HORIZON-HLTH-2021-ENVHLTH-02 – HORIZON-RIA – submitted 9/21/2021

The ELEMENTAL project will carry out interdisciplinary technical and scientific innovation activities that will meet the needs of key stakeholders in tackling the health challenges associated with global climate change. The proposed solutions of the ELEMENTAL project will enable policy makers and public health systems to proactively address global mental health issues that are exacerbated by environmental stressors arising from climate change. This will be achieved by developing a set of predictive models for i) the evolution of climate risks, ii) the prevalence of climate-related mental health, iii) integrated quantified economic cost assessment models, iv) data analysis for responses by socio-economic and regional factors.


HORIZON-CL3-2021-INFRA-01 – HORIZON-IA – submitted 11/23/2021

The SecurEnergies project aims to develop a common European strategy to protect Europe’s energy infrastructure from hybrid threats, thus ensuring the EU’s energy sovereignty. SecurEnergies aims to address the above issues by focusing on EU energy infrastructures and their interconnections with the telecommunications, water and financial sectors primarily, as well as with non-EU countries, in order to identify vulnerabilities and systemic risks and hybrid threats facing the entire interconnected cross-border CI network. The project aims to help government agencies, associations and companies to be aware of hybrid threats, to understand their potential impact and cascading effects, and to develop an effective joint strategy for resilient defense and response.


HORIZON-CL3-2021-FCT-01- submitted 11/23/2021

The project PRETECO envisages the creation of a digital platform that can offer policy makers, local managers, LEAs and security staff the ability to plan cooperation scenarios, analyze vulnerabilities and risks in the event of a terrorist attack and assist them in implementing effective deterrence and mitigation measures as well as training exercises. towards increasing the resilience of public spaces.

The PRETECO platform will offer a realistic three-dimensional (3D) virtual analogue of the city together with infrastructure modeling (water network, pipeline network, energy network, telecommunications network, transport network) and simulation capabilities (virtual attacks, virtual sensors, crowd and vehicle movement simulations, cascade interdependencies effects), which will allow a comprehensive assessment of vulnerability to different threats and scenarios, adapting the details to the specificities of each city. PRETECO’s unique approach is based on an open architecture, where:

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