3. 11. 2022

Bilbao – meeting of the S4AllCities project consortium

At the end of October, a meeting of the S4AllCities project consortium ( was held in Bilbao, Basque Country, which included a pilot demonstration of the technologies being developed. The goal of the S4AllCities project is to reduce the vulnerability of public spaces as soft targets through the deployment of modern technologies that increase situational awareness and evaluate the levels of physical and cyber threats in real time. The demonstration in Bilbao focused on crowd protection during mass events in the city center or in the metro station. The successful technology test in Bilbao followed on from previous demonstrations in Pilsen and Trikala. 

The pilot demonstration was followed by a conference at which some of the project’s other outputs were presented and where representatives of similar projects supported under the H2020 program introduced their approaches and contributions. TPEB representative presented standardization activities at the conference, for which TPEB is responsible in the project. The S4AllCities project will end at the end of 2022 and it can be stated that, despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic situation in particular, it has completely fulfilled its goals. 

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